Ranjan Mulay Interview Classes

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"Realize Your Dream of Joining SPI Under Expert Guidance!"


About ME

My name is Ranjan Mulay and  I am a former employee of SPI. Where I spent 35 years of my career. During my time at SPI, I had the privilege of interacting with many bright cadets and worked as a Personal Assistant to the Director. Through this experience, I developed a keen eye for identifying potential in candidates.

One of my areas of expertise is conducting interviews for successful candidates in the SPI written Test over the years. I have trained numerous boys and applicants for the interview process, many of whom are now in the Defence Services as Commissioned Officers. I am proud to say that my Success rate is around 90-95%.

In 2014-15, I conducted written and interview technique Classes. Which led to 30 out of the 80 cadets in our Class Succeeding in the Written Test  and 10 succeeding in the interview. Since Then, I have continued to offer online training to aspiring cadets and have helped many more to achieve their goals.

As we approach the current year, I am excited to announce that I am once again offering Online interview training for successful candidates in the SPI written test. SO, I welcome all to take advantage of my experience and expertise to increase your Chances of Success.